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Who are the Lambrights?

My name is Donovan.  At first, I was the only Lambright in Rochester, MN.  In 2005, I married Nicole (or did she marry me?) and there were suddenly two Lambrights in Rochester.    Rayna joined the family in 2005, followed by Kaylee in 2007.  I’m a systems librarian and Nicole is a restaurant manager.  The girls are busy being kids.

This blog represents the day-to-day comings and goings of our family.  It’s imperfectly maintained, sometimes going strong and occasionally fading away when life starts moving too fast to be chronicled.  It’s our story.

What’s with the funny title?

Our blog’s title is taken from a medieval manuscript entitled Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry (The Very Rich Hours of the Duke of Berry). Très Riches Heures is a Book of Hours, one of the most common types of manuscripts in the Middle Ages.  Books of Hours were collections of prayers, psalms, and other religious texts.  In a time when only priests and other church officials were allowed to own Bibles, the Book of Hours served as a layman’s guide to faith and religious observances.  Many were commissioned by wealthy nobles and were customized for the owner.  These would contain family histories, stories of saints particularly venerated by the owner, and other personal touches.  Often, the owner would record births, deaths, and marriages in the inside cover just as people sometmes do now with family bibles.  This personal information is sometimes the most compelling thing about these old manuscripts. Très Riches Heures was commissioned by Jean, Duke of Berry around 1410 and is known for it’s rich illustrations.

For those wondering about the subtitle, diurnal is the Middle English form of the word journal.

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