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Rayna Begins Her Cookie Empire; Part One-The Daisy Years

February 19th, 2012 · No Comments

So Rayna joined Girl Scouts this year.  More specifically, she joined Daisies which is the K-1st grade division of the scouts.  She’s had a lot of fun so far and Nicole has had a lot of fun sewing patches onto her vest.  🙂

And now, it’s cookie time.  Unless you in Antarctica, you’ve probably been hit up a few times by now.  But they are good cookies.  And they’re cheap at $3.50 a box.  As much as I like to joke about it, it hasn’t been that bad.  In fact, I have to admit that it’s been kind of fun loading up the wagon with crates of cookies and going from house to house.

We’ve been moderately successful selling cookies and have had to place a couple of orders for more inventory.  Rayna is a bit young to completely understand the entrepreneurial facets of this enterprise so it’s really been a family affair.  Very few of our sales have been through door-to-door cold-calls.  Almost all the houses we have been to are people who we already know around the neighborhood.  The rest of our sales have been extended family and other friends.  It seems that you can bust your hump cold-calling but you’ll do better (with considerably less effort) if you have an extensive network of friends and family to draw on.

Hmmm….  sounds a lot like the grownup world, doesn’t it?  Maybe that’s the lesson for our budding cookie baron.  Not quite as uplifting as the traditional American story of success through hard work and perseverance that she’s supposed to be learning.  Fortunately for me, she’s too young to ask those questions.  For now.

If you are craving a box of Samoas or Thin Mints, let me know and we’ll hook you up.  😉

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