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Six Years and Fourteen Stiches

August 3rd, 2011 · No Comments

We’ve had quite a day today.  First off, it is our wedding anniversary.  Six years ago, Nicole and I got married and it’s been a wonderful ride.  We weren’t planning to do much today, saving ourselves for this weekend when we are going to get away and spend Saturday night in St. Paul.  Just the two of us.  Big thanks to our niece, Brenna, who is going to spend the night here with the girls.

Good thing we didn’t have anything big planned today.  Kaylee took a tumble in her room and split her head open on her bedframe.  I was at work but Nicole and the girls handled it with grace.  After some initial crying and a lot of blood (wounds to the head bleed like you wouldn’t believe), Kaylee calmed down and was pretty cool as Nicole wiped the blood away to see how bad it was.  Meanwhile, Rayna raced off to get the Neosporin and bandaids.  That’s what you get for an owie, right?  After debating whether to call 911, Nicole decided to take Kaylee in to the doctor’s office herself.  She thanked Rayna for the Neosporin and bandaids but said that they needed to go to the doctor.  “Is it that bad?”, Rayna asked.  Told yes, she said “OK, I’ll go get my shoes on”.  In the waiting room, she danced and twirled to make Kaylee laugh and cheer her up.  Did I mention that Rayna had been playing dress-up and was still wearing her princess costume?  They must have made quite a sight at the doctor’s, Nicole carrying in Kaylee with blood still streaming out of her face and Rayna in her princess gown…

In the end, they decided to send Kaylee to St. Mary’s in Rochester, where they could use sedation to keep her still while they did the stitching.  When you see where the cut was, it makes sense.  They wanted to make the stitches as small as possible to minimize the scarring.  I met them at the hospital ER.

The staff at St. Mary’s was great.  They put on a Tinkerbell movie to keep Kaylee entertained and gave her a light sedative, similar to what you might get at the dentist.  Enough to calm things down without knocking her out completely.  14 stitches later (3 deep inside the cut and 11 on the surface) it was done.  Big thanks to Roger, Nicole’s dad, who stayed with Rayna while we all were at the hospital.

Kaylee is in pretty good spirits.  The doctors gave us lots of instructions on how to minimize the scarring and we’ll go back in 5 days to get the stitches out.  Tonight, we went out to Burger King to celebrate how brave Kaylee and Rayna both were.  And now, I’m going to bed…

kaylees accident

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