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Will the Grownups Please Come Back and Take Charge?

September 5th, 2009 · No Comments

I try to remember that people with whom I disagree on politics are usually sincere and I, therefore, try to keep my tone moderate.  But I have to be honest.  This flap over the President’s proposed online message to kids next week on the first day of school makes me very angry and I’m running out of patience with people who:

  • disrupt town hall meetings on health care reform
  • run around accusing the President of being a foriegner, terrorist, or worse
  • throw out wacky and totally unsubstantiated claims like death panels

Democracy only works if we all chose to engage in a thoughtful, respectful manner.  If necessary, it’s OK to jettison the respectful part.  But citizens absolutely have to be thoughtful and informed.  And that’s not happening.  The idiots have taken over the discourse.

I don’t use that word, idiot, lightly.  Calling people idiots isn’t thoughtful or helpful; I will admit that.  There are people I like and respect who will read this and think I’m talking about them which makes me nervous about this post.  But I honestly don’t know what else to say about the wave of silliness that has engulfed our country.  It’s idiotic.

We often lament the lack of civic engagement in our country.  Kids don’t vote or seem to understand how government works.  The parents who are stopping schools from running the President’s message are contributing to this problem.  At one time, people taught their kids to respect officials like the President just because that’s just appropriate behavior.  Not any more.

Do you really think the President is going to give some political speech to the kids?  Or try to indoctrinate them into some socialistic cult of personality?  Do you really think that?  Really?

Get real!  He’s going to give a bland “work hard, stay in school, don’t use drugs” message just like Presidents and other celebrities have been doing for years.  Reagan and the first Bush did it.  So have others.  What’s the big deal?

I’m going to close with a video clip from yesterday’s Morning Joe program on MSNBC.  Joe Scarborough, host and former Republican Congressman, makes the argument against this insanity far better than I.

NOTE: MSNBC uses a frame for their video that is not supported in WordPress so I can’t embed the video in my post.  The link shown above will take you to the video.

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