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Tell Me Why I’m Wrong About Health Care Reform

August 25th, 2009 · No Comments

I just found out that one person who read my post on health care reform felt that the author (me) was “obviously mentally imbalanced”.  While the person who passed this on to me was angry about it, I mostly find it amusing.

It also makes me curious, however.  I think that we need more discussion (and less yelling) about this whole thing.  So I would really like to know what, exactly, makes him think I’m imbalanced.  Hell, I didn’t even discuss, let alone advocate, any of the proposals.  All I did was spell out why I think we have a problem.

So I would ask anyone who strongly disagrees with this post to tell me why.  Do you disagree with the studies and articles I cited?  If you sincerely believe that all those Harvard studies are just plain wrong, your position becomes more understandable.  Doesn’t mean I agree with you but understanding the sides of a debate is the first step towards having a rational, mature conversation.

So let’s hear it!  You can comment by clicking where it says Comments just under the title of this post, next to the date.

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