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Thing #27–Twitter

June 3rd, 2009 · No Comments

#27 from the 23 More Things on a Stick program is Twitter.  As you may have read a few days ago, I am on Twitter.  Just follow donovanlambrigh and you too can follow me as I wander about in the great cow pasture of life.  Someone recently asked me why I left off the T at the end of my name.  That would be because Twitter restricts user names to 15 characters.

     stupid twitter… can’t scale…  mutter mutter….

OK, I’m better now.  The 23 More Things page for this thing has a lot of information about Twitter so I’m going to assume that you already know what it is.  I use Twitter mostly at work.  At home, I don’t spend so much time sitting in front of my computer and thus can’t always write up the details of my life.  I can also use my smartphone to post and I do that from time to time but my poor, pre-Internet generation thumbs just aren’t strong enough to do all that typing.  I use the service to post what I’m doing and tasks that have been completed as a way to let the folks in the office know what I’m up to.

Here’s a few things I do to make Twitter more useful:

  • Use it to update other webtools.  All my tweets, for example, also become status updates on my Facebook page.  Facebook provided the functionality to set this up; once in place, it just happens with no extra effort on my part.  Many Web 2.0 websites offer similar functionality; you can also get many scripts via Twitter that do the same thing for popular websites.
  • Bypass the Twitter page.  If you start using Twitter, you will quickly learn that using the webpage to post and read is pretty lame.  There are many, many tools available to let you work with Twitter.  Personally, I use Twirl on my computer.  For my Windows Mobile smartphone, I use Pocketwit.
  • Tweet to let people know about blog posts.  Whenever I update a blog, I mention it on Twitter and post the URL.  This is a little controversial; many in the Twitter community feel that this kind of self-promotion is unethical or at least impolite.  I don’t understand that argument.  It’s OK to let you know what music I happen to be listening to at a given moment but it’s uncool to say that I just did a blog post on the President’s speech or a project at work?  Really?
  • When tweeting a URL, shorten it with one of the many URL shorteners on the web, such as TinyURL.  With only 140 characters, every single one counts.  Or better yet, use Twirl, which has this functionality built in.

Have fun tweeting!

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