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Thing #25–Bloggers’ Toolkit

May 28th, 2009 · No Comments

Thing #25 of the 23 More Things on a Stick program has us looking at little doodads that improve the functionality of your blog, either for you or for your readers.  Here’s a few thoughts:

I hate SnapShots and have disabled it in my blog.  I also have set my browser not to display them when I visit other websites.  Why do I think that SnapShots is a horrible abomination?  Because it solves a problem that doesn’t really exist by compromising the readability of the page.  Ever tried to read a blog post that is festooned with these things?  Every move of the mouse seems to rollover one of the links.  And everytime you rollover one of the links, this little popup window appears.  It’s too small to really give you a preview of the linked page.  It’s just the right size to block what you are trying to read and throw you off track.  The things are also covered with ads.  Ugh.  Please don’t use SnapShots.

Having gotten that off my chest, I’ll say that I’ve been using a Flickr badge for sometime to show recent pictures from our photostream and it’s really cool.  Very easy to install, too.  Just paste in a bit of HTML code to a text box and you’re ready to go.

I’ve heard a lot about Disqus but don’t get enough comments to my blog to warrant spending the time it would take to set it up.  Maybe I’ll take a look.  Maybe I would get more comments with a better commenting system.

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