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What’s Wrong with this Picture?

August 19th, 2008 · No Comments

It’s all over the web that Premier Election Solutions (formerly known as Diebold) is being sued by the state of Ohio over the performance of their electronic voting machines in the 2004 elections.  Apparently, a lot of votes were lost.  Premier’s official explanation is that McAfee Antivirus was installed on the computers and caused the problem.

(I’m not including any links on this; just Google “diebold mcaffee ohio” and you’ll come up with more links than you know what to do with)

So, McAfee is to blame?  This is wrong on several levels:

  • What kind of software were these things running that was vulnerable to McAfee?  McAfee is one of those AV solutions that has become bloated and over-engineered over the years but the worst thing that can cause is a slow PC.  How could McAfee cause the computers to lose votes?
  • Why on earth did these things need McAfee in the first place?  The computers are not networked.  They are supposedly locked down to prevent anything running except their own software.

Something doesn’t add up here.  I’m not quite ready to accuse Premier of deliberately doing anything wrong.  But this makes no sense and, before we entrust any more elections to them, a more thorough explanation is in order.

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