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It’s Good to be a Democrat…

August 26th, 2008 · No Comments

…during the week of the Democratic Convention.  As a political junkie, I’ve been enjoying coverage even if I’m not spending much time just sitting and watching.  It’s more like background noise that I pay attand ention to when the whim strikes.  That means my observations will probably seem pretty fragmented and random.

Saw most of Michelle Obama’s speech last night and thought it was pretty good.  She touched on all the points that were needed and put a more human face on her husband.  Were those kids cute, or what?

Message to the news media:  Please, for the love of God, knock it off with the “Hillary’s Hard Feelings” meme!  The Democratic party will unify behind the candidate.  There are a handful of cranky whackos talking about backing McCain because Clinton didn’t get the nomination but they are a tiny minority.  This is being blown way out of porportion.  The same thing goes for the speculation about whether or not the Clinton’s will support Obama.  Of course they will.  Bill and Hillary are professional politicians and major figures in the Democratic party.  To think that they will mess that up over personal spite is just plain silly.  There’s been a lot of news “coverage” on this issue but, when you boil it down, it’s mostly speculation from pundits with a lot of air time to fill.  Yes, this is a hot button for me.  🙂

For the small group of Clinton backers that IS talking about throwing over to McCain, I would repeat a Harry Truman quote from the 1948 campaign:  “How many times do you have to be hit on the head before you figure out who’s hitting you?” I’ll give you a hint–it’s not Barak Obama.

What’s up with Fox News sending a “reporter” to Denver with instuctions to “to cause trouble”? I’m not a journalist but my understanding of the profession is that they report news.  Once they start trying to influence the events they cover, don’t they stop being journalists?  This is reason #456009 that I don’t watch Fox News.

Rayna just woke up from her nap.  Gotta go!

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