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Wikis–23 Things Step #10

March 26th, 2008 · No Comments

Step #10 of the 23 Things on a Stick program is wikis.  The 23 Things page on wikis has a lot of information about them, so I’m not going to explain the concept here.  I have browsed around in a lot of wikis and they are a great way for groups to collaborate on information.  I stuck an edit in the 23 Things wiki, concerning the whole issue of wikis in the classroom.

Many teachers do not allow wikis as a source for student research, citing the un-authoritative nature of the material.  I understand their point, but I think a blanket ban is a bad idea.  The format is just a tool.  Some wiki articles are very accurate, some less so.  I have news for you:  the same is true of published material.  Some is good, some is quite bad.  It’s up to the user to evaluate critically what they read and hear.  Teaching students that a given format for information is always wrong implies that other formats are always right.  Neither proposition is true and schools (along with libraries, parents, churches, et. al.) need to be teaching information literacy so that students can learn to evaluate what they read and hear. As a parent of two small children, this issue resonates with me in a way that it didn’t a few years ago.  It’s a little early for me to be worrying about it yet, but it’s on the horizon.

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