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More Pictures and Learning to Walk

December 9th, 2006 · No Comments

Just put up a bunch of the pictures from the backlog.  The last one is a shot of Rayna walking with a little help from Mom.

That’s been a fascinating thing to watch.  Rayna has been walking more and more in the last couple of weeks.  It wasn’t like on TV where all of a sudden the baby starts walking around one day.  It was a gradual process and it would be hard to say that Rayna started walking on a particular day.  First, she started standing up by herself.  Just for a second or two at first and then for increasingly long periods.  She also started picking things up and using them to balance herself while standing.

After doing that for awhile, she started taking some tentative steps.   First, she was moving between supporting structures.  Like she would be standing there holding the coffee table for support and then would take a step to the couch a couple of feet away.  Just a quick movement that was as much falling against the couch as taking a step.

And then she got crazy about walking with help.  You could hold her hands and walk with her across the floor.  She discovered how much fun that was and was (still is) bugging us to do it all the time.  Endless laps around the living room.  You’ll be sitting there and she’ll crawl over to grab your hand and start tugging.  Once you start walking she just giggles and talks to herself the whole time.  It’s a lot of fun!

Finally, just in the last couple of weeks, the real walking started.  One day, we were just all sitting around in the living room.  Rayna was standing up, holding on to the coffee table, and all of a sudden she let go.  And walked five feet across the living room (I know because I measured it)!  She’s doing that more and more now and it’s a joy to watch.

Gotta run now.  I’ll post more later.

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