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What a Week!

November 12th, 2006 · No Comments

It’s been a busy week and I didn’t have much luck finding time to post, so here’s the highlights.

Last Sunday, 11-5, was Roger and Mona’s  40th wedding anniversary.  For the uninitiated, that’s Nicole’s folks.  🙂  Anyway, the whole family got together and had a nice lunch at the Hubbell House in Mantorville.  All the kids and their families were there, including Joe (Nicole’s brother) who came down with his family from the Chicago area.  It was a great time.

And then there was Election Day.  Boy, where to begin about that?  I’m a yellow dog Democrat, so it goes without saying that I am tickled about the results.  I thought the Dems would get control of the House but I didn’t think they could also get the Senate.  This was a stunning repudiation of what the Bush administration has been doing.  I just wish it had come sooner.

The first tangible results of this, of course, came with Donald Rumsfeld’s resignation the next day.  That’s another “glad it happened, just wish it had happened sooner” kind of thing.  I listened to the President’s speech and found him just as irritating as ever.  It’s nice that he’s expressing all this interest in bipartisanship but it would be a little more convincing if he had seen the light before losing control of the Congress.  When the Republicans controlled Congress, he was pretty tough with the Democrats and generally refused to compromise on anything.  It would serve him right if the Congressional Democrats really stuck it to him for the next two years.

Deep breath.  Having gotten that said (and it felt really good to say it), I’ll go on to say that I hope the Democrats don’t stick it to the President.  As good as it would feel to give the President a dose of his own medicine, that’s not what the country needs right now.  And I don’t think the voters would stand for it in 2008.  I think the Democratic leadership understands this.  The best thing for them to do is not to start undermining the President; he’s still the Commander-in-Chief and our chief representative in foreign affairs.  What the Democratic Congress should do is start exercising the oversight that Congress completely failed to do for the last six years.  If more people had asked tough questions before the war with Iraq, we might not be there now.

OK, enough politics.  The rest of the week was pretty humdrum.  We had Friday off for Veterans’ Day, which was nice considering that we got almost a foot of snow that day.  Good day to stay inside.  By Friday afternoon, the snow was already starting to melt.  Incidentally, the snow storm on Friday was an outbreak of “thunder snow”.  It had been so warm in the previous days that we had a thunderstorm during the snow storm.  It was weird being outside watching the snow come down with lightning flashing and thunder rolling in the distance.
The Chiefs lost to Miami today.   Sigh.  We went to a party this afternoon to watch the Vikings and Packers play.  Being a refugee from Kansas City, I didn’t have a stake in this so I could just kick back and relax.  As much as one can relax with an 11-month old trying to get into everything in sight, anyway.  Rayna didn’t get much in the way of a nap today with all the excitement.  I have a feeling that we’re going to pay for that tonight.  🙁

That’s about it.  There’s a bunch of new pictures on our Flickr page (see link in the right sidebar).  Nothing special; just a bunch of pictures from Sept. that I hadn’t gotten around to posting.  I’ll probably post more later as I plow through our backlog of pictures.

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